Are there rebates or other incentives to help me?

Yes! There are a variety of programs available to help reduce the up-front cost of an EV.  Federal tax credit: This incentive can be as high as $7500, depending on the manufacturer. When you purchase a new electric car, you will be eligible to deduct the credit from your federal tax bill for that year. Please note that the credit does not roll over to future years. If you lease your car, the tax credit is usually taken by the leasing company, and that amount will be deducted from the vehicle price.

Under current law, the tax credit only applies to the first 200,000 vehicles sold by a manufacturer. So Tesla, for example, which is the #1 brand, has already reached the limit and the tax credit will not be available for buyers of new Tesla vehicles.

Most other EVs still have the credit available.

To find out more about the federal tax credit, and how much you may be able to save on the car you want, click here.

California State Rebate: California offers cash rebates if you buy or lease a new EV. This amount varies depending on the specific vehicle, and your income level. Starting in December of 2019, the standard amount is typically $2000, but in some cases can be as much as $7000. You can apply for and receive a check whether you buy OR lease a new EV. 

Find out more here.

Clean Fuel Incentive: These funds come from the State of California, and in the past were administered by PG&E. The process has now been simplified, and when you purchase OR lease a new EV, the dealer will deduct $750 from the price of the car.

Sonoma Clean Power still offers free Level 2 EV chargers to their customers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. You will pay up front for 50% of the cost, as well as tax and shipping and installation. Once the charger is activated, you will get the 50% back. That's a great deal!

Find out about that program here.

Clean Cars for All

This new program is administered by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and aims to take old, polluting cars off the road, and replace them with clean EVs. You are required to turn in an old (pre-2005) gas car or truck to be eligible, but if you qualify, you can get up to $9500 to help you purchase a new or used EV.

Find our more about Clean Cars for All here.