How Do I Select an Electrician to Install my EV Charger?

Many EV drivers choose to charge their EV at home with the Level 1 charger that is provided with their car. All you need for that is a regular 110-volt outlet or wall plug. In that case you will not need the services of an electrician. The Level 1 chargers are very cost-effective, but will only provide 4-6 miles of charge per hour. If you are driving to and from work, with a 30-40 mile round trip, this will easily recharge your car to full overnight.

However, if you want to be able to charge your car 10x faster, then a Level 2 charger is a good idea. You will need a 240-volt service, on a dedicated breaker, in order to do so. In that case, you may need the services of an electrician.

The installation of a Level 2 charger is not a complex electrical job. In most cases, it is similar to installing a new electric stove or clothes dryer. Therefore any licensed electrician should be able to handle the job for you. 

The cost will largely depend on how close the charger is located to your electrical panel. The further away it is, the more conduit and copper wire will be required, and the higher the cost. installation costs generally run from as little as $250 for a simple installation, to 2-4 times that for a more complicated one.

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