Can I sell energy from my EV battery back to my utility?

Not yet, but maybe soon! The concept of sharing energy from EV battery packs to help utilities cover peak demand, known as Vehicle-Grid Integration, has been tested in a variety of locations, but is not yet available to the general public.

With the emergence of larger EVs, such as the Ford Lightning pickup truck, it is now possible to power your home temporarily using an electric vehicle.  This is possible only with a very limited amount of currently available EVS and does require a specialized charging station.  This setup could be a valid temporary back-up power option for emergencies, but it would not be transferred to the main electricity grid.  Here are details on the new Ford bi-directional charging station and some additional insights on the future of vehicle-to-home charging.

However, you can currently enroll in a program called “GridSavvy” that will pay you money to let SCP slow down your charging rate for short amounts of time when demand is high. You can always choose to override the slowdown if you need to charge your car right away. If not, your EV can help earn you money.

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