How much will it cost to install the various types of chargers?

The Level 1 charger that will come with your car requires no installation costs. As long as you have a 120-volt outlet near where you plan to park your car.

Level 2 chargers, which will charge your car more quickly, will require provision of 240-volt service, which can be installed by any licensed electrician. Depending on a number of factors, including your existing electrical service, and the distance from your electrical box to your parking spot, this can cost as little as $200-300, but sometimes more.

The good news is most Sonoma County residents qualify for a free Level 2 charger from Sonoma Clean Power. You just have to pay tax and shipping, and the installation costs. The chargers are worth $500-800, but SCP is providing them to customers for free. To see if you qualify, and to apply for your free charger, click here.

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