Are there special electricity rates available to me as an EV driver?


PG&E offers special “EV Charging rates,” that provide you with the opportunity to enjoy special low electricity rates to charge your EV during night time and other off-peak hours. For more information visit PG&E.  There are also PG&E programs, CARE and FERA, that help eligible customers pay their energy bills.

SCP customers can also receive a free EV charger and a monthly $5 credit for connecting their charger and using it periodically. Learn more here.

There are also programs to reduce utility costs for low-income residents. For more information on these programs, click here.

If you live in Healdsburg, you can apply for the city's Electric Vehicle Discount. To be eligible, you must have an EV registered in Healdsburg and take the Time of Use rate to encourage charging during off-peak times. To learn more, click here.