What about used EVs?

Used EVs are increasingly available in the marketplace. As tens of thousands of vehicles come off lease, or are replaced by owners trading up for newer vehicles, the options in the used car market are growing.

Used EVs are available through private sellers, and on car lots. In many cases, the prices can be quite reasonable. 
Clean, fast and economical 3 year-old cars with only 20-30,000 miles, and plenty of battery warranty still remaining, are available for $10,000 less than their current year counterparts .  Many of these vehicles have battery warranties that last for 100,000 miles, so the most expensive component of your vehicle will still be covered by warranty.
Because there are so few parts in an EV, there is much less to worry about as far as wear and tear. There are no transmission or emission-control systems, for example.
For many people, who are unable to purchase a new car from a dealer lot, a used EV is an affordable and low-risk way to enjoy the many benefits of electric driving. Since these used EVs are often only 3 years old, they have relatively low mileage, and are often indistinguishable from the new models on dealer lots, except for their much lower price.
Most dealerships now have used EVs on their lot for you to test drive and consider. If you check their websites, you will sometimes find that you can filter their used-car inventory to see all the EVs they have available. Used car behemoth CarMax can even bring an EV from one of their other regional dealerships for you here in Sonoma County. Craigslist will show you dozens of used EVs at a variety of price points available from private parties.
Shop around, you will find that there are many lightly-used EVs available that can save you many thousands of dollars over a new car.