What will be my costs for fuel and maintenance?

An EV will cost less to “fuel” and maintain than a gas car.

Fuel (electricity) costs usually run about $1 per day for the typical driver, depending on driving habits and local electricity costs. Since EVs typically get an “MPG equivalent” of well over 100 miles per gallon, your fuel costs will be much lower than paying for gas or diesel.

Maintenance is also simpler and less expensive with an electric vehicle. Here is a short list of things you will never have to do for an EV: change oil, repair a transmission, repair a radiator, replace spark plugs, tune up your car, or pay for a smog check.

EVs do not have any of those parts or systems, and are much simpler in design and engineering than gas or diesel vehicles. This means there are less parts that need to be maintained, tuned up or replaced. Most EV owners find that the only required maintenance is tire changes and brake replacement.

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